How to Find My Potential

Riikka Simonen

The TalentHub Joensuu Project, in cooperation with the KOVAT project organized an educational event for international talents in February at Joensuu Science Park. The My Potential Event was an all-day event full of mini workshops meant to help the international talents in finding their potential related to employment.

The workshops included creating a Video CV, Finding One’s Own Potential, Expressing Oneself in Professional Finnish and Work Life Communication and Culture in Finland. The Video CV workshops focused on how to create a video CV to promote ones skills. The workshop went through everything from screenwriting to filming. The Finding One’s Own Potential workshop focused on methods how to recognize and strengthen one’s potential. The workshop focused on recognizing the importance of knowing one’s own potential when applying for work. The Expressing Oneself in Professional Finnish workshop helped participants with their Finnish skills and how to communicate with potential employers. The Work Life Communication and Culture in Finland workshop focused on the differences a Finnish workplace can be compared to different countries. The workshop focused on gaining tips on what differences Finnish work life communication and culture can be.

The event was hosted at Joensuu Science Park and was highly liked by the international participants. The TalentHub Joensuu Project was in charge of the Work Life Communication and Culture in Finland workshop. The workshop included a brief introduction into Finnish working life, including what a daily working life in Finland looks like, how to react to different communication situations and familiarizing oneself with different Finnish cultural working situations through real life examples. The main portion of the workshop was spent going over positive, negative and neutral differences the international persons experienced in their daily interactions with Finns. These interactions were then discussed with other participants and the overall reason for such interactions were explained by the TalentHub team. This was a great way to get to know the different backgrounds of the participants and to get the participants interested in why Finns might act or communicate in a different way.

The TalentHub Joensuu Project focuses on finding internationally skilled workers to help local companies internationalize. By offering different types of internships, employers are able to gain skilled employees for their company. International talents are able to work in local companies, gain work experience, and potential employment. The KOVAT Project focuses on training and coaching international talents already in local workplaces. The specific needs of the employee and employer are at the core of the work.

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Riikka Simonen
Project Manager
Karelia UAS

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

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